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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Brighton Pride07!

It was that time of the year, when Brighton goes unabashedly, unapologetically and fabulously Gay! A time to celebrate individuality and respect the differences that make us all human.
The Pride in Brighton is aimed at seeking an acceptance for the LGBT community and spreading awareness about various evil like homophobic hate crimes that still plague our society.

The grand parade started at 11.30 on Saturday morning, with vibrant floats from various supporting organizations, parading the sea front.

The caravan of the rainbow colored flags moved through the town and continued till late in the afternoon as the floats made their way to Preston Park, the end point for the parade.

As the night dawned, the revelers flocked the pubs on the St. James Street. The party overflowed onto the street, with music playing all night long and people rejoicing in the celebrations. It was an affair that no one would forget, atleast for quite some time to come!

The Pride to me was a lesson in acceptance, an experience of how people can survive and thrive irrespective of their differences.

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